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"Wisdom of the Circle Makers"

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For years I have been fascinated by the extraordinary, often complicated geometric patterns that appear in the fields mostly in Great Britain known as Crop Circles. I have no doubt that they are a form of communication… messages created in the language of light, Sacred Geometry.

There are countless theories of who may have produced them and numerous evaluations of their meanings. In 2009 we traveled to Avebury and experienced several of these brilliant creations in person. The double Yin Yang formation appeared on summer solstice near Kennet Long Barrow. We saw it first from the air in an ultra light airplane (which was a thrill) and later entered the formation on foot feeling the magic of a newly created crop glyph. I leave you to your own interpretation of the five glyphs in this painting.

For me the hands represent touching god, touching nature and of course love.



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