Life is magical and impermanent

I was raised in the American Midwest and spent 25 years homesteading in the woodlands of northern Wisconsin. My family and I hand built a beautiful log home and little by little created a picturesque paradise in that beautiful forest.

Learning to listen to the voices of nature helped me find true artistic voice. The trees and animals, the water and rocks, sun and wind, moon and stars all speak clearly if we take time to listen. I seek to honor this connection by creating works of art that celebrate these experiences and nature’s wisdom.

It was also in the forest that I began my studies into Sacred Geometry. This expansive information has fueled art and travel ever since.

Leap of Faith

In 2001 I took a giant leap of faith, followed inner guidance and relocated to the Big Island of Hawaii. This constituted absolutely stepping to the edge, yet I sensed that this was precisely where I needed to be. After a few years of grounding energy and broadening the scope of my painting, I knew I had found home on this energetically powerful island. Very different than the living in the forest, ocean and volcanic images as well as sacred geometry became major creative elements.

The Call to Travel

Once I felt secure in Hawaii the call to travel, which began before my relocation, returned. Journeys to Central and South America, Egypt, Cambodia, Nepal, the British Isles, US national Parks and more offered marvelous experiences and presented abundant art inspiration. Travel helped nurture my passion for World Heritage and Sacred Sites as well as the desire to experience stunning wilderness adventures.

These influences are evident in my paintings. It is my intention to honor the many gifts that life has provided through the visions I have been given. I am heartened to have my paintings and prints hang in the offices and sacred spaces of healers and seekers around the planet.

I am honored to know that the passion and intention I put into my artmaking also touches their lives and serves as a catalyst for healing and transformation. I hold in esteem and offer gratitude to all of nature, my traveling companions, metaphysical teachers, spirit guides and all those who have helped form my vision during this blessed lifetime.

Through Heart & Brush

Over 700 paintings have moved through heart and paintbrush so far. Creation of the Sacred Geometry Oracle Deck was the culmination of years of study, many paintings and guidance from beyond.

The Sacred Geometry Deck for the Visionary Path expanded that original vision. They both have been very well received.

In 2017 I am excited to introduce the hardcover book Sacred Geometry of Nature -Journey on the Path of the Divine, and the Sacred Geometry Coloring Book.

It is with great humility from an ever-opening heart space that I embrace this sacred journey. My intention remains to follow my passion and life path as an artist and to continue to create paintings that bring forth healing and transformation for myself and for the planet.

In PEACE with Aloha…


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