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Sacred Geometry has become a major component of my artmaking, and has led me to offer this information, not solely through my paintings, but now also in the form of lectures and workshops.  It is an exciting new piece of my path in this lifetime.
I am joyfully honored to share this with others.

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Invoking the Infinite: Seeking Balance through Sacred Geometry
by Francene Hart

We all see that the world is changing at a pace that has most of us spinning in our tracks.   We look at the media , and our fear based culture and say; please stop this madness.   We know that the 3rd millennium is to become the age of Peace and enlightenment, and through the veil of materialism and violence we see hope.

Many of us are seeking a sense of balance and healing in our lives and for the planet.  We are no longer able to tolerate violence, fear and separation, and are in search of tools that may help us to understand and overcome these aspects of humanity that threaten to destroy us.   Each individual will find a personal way of responding to these challenges.  Some will be called to contribute through social,  political and humanitarian actions.  Some will retreat from the chaos and use prayer and meditation to help shift the aggressive trends.   All efforts are valid.   As an artist, I have become increasingly aware that visual images and the intent of the artist have the ability to help the viewer shift consciousness and bring about healing and change.

For several years geometric shapes have been making their way into my paintings, usually layered within the themes of nature and spirit which I have worked with for 25 years.  When I gave recognition to them as “Sacred Geometry”, these geometric glyphs began to reveal function.   My explorations were entirely intuitive for awhile.  I learned to trust that creative intuition is one of my best teachers.   As I began to explore the symbolic language of sacred geometry I became increasingly amazed.   It felt as if the mere act of incorporating the shapes into my work allowed me to receive information… almost like reading a book.  I don’t know how else to describe it.  This learning was a powerful personal experience.  Furthermore, when I took these new paintings into the world, I realized that they had a deep effect on others.  The knowledge and insights that I am able to receive through the use of this information has led me to begin what has become a personal pilgrimage into the art and science of Sacred Geometry.

What is Sacred Geometry??
It is an ancient science, a sacred language, and a key to understanding the way  the universe is designed.  Sacred geometry, in one form or another, has been studied throughout the world, since curiosity began to see relationships.   At times kept secret, in mystery schools and secret societies, it has become available in our time as a tool to aid in our movement toward conscious evolution.    From the atom, to our spiral DNA; from the geometric patterns into which cells divide to the energy fields within and around our bodies and the planet;  from architecture to advertising;  we are constructed of and influenced by geometry.

Sometimes called the Language of Light, Sacred Geometry has the ability to balance and inform.  The effects of this language are obvious when we journey to sacred sites.  Have you visited a pyramid, or medicine wheel site?  You have felt the effects.  Have you walked a labyrinth, participated in a spiral dance or constructed a mandala?  You have felt the effects.   Have you watched light dance through a crystal, or been fascinated by looking in through a microscope or out through a telescope.  You have felt the effects.

From microcosm to macrocosm, from the first cell to the incomprehensible depths of the universe, patterns gather and repeat in confirmation of our connectedness.   When we recognize these geometric archetypes and their relationship to the  the underlying structure of the universe we see clearly that there is no separation.    We are physically and spiritually ONE.

As my studies into Sacred Geometry have broadened, I have been asked to offer experiential workshops to aid others in beginning their own exploration of this fascinating science.  I do this with great humility.   I know, truly, that it is not my expertise, but the language itself, that informs and transforms those who participate.
As an artist, my approach is to introduce participants to the symbolic language,  and offer a series of two and three dimensional creative activities that give the seeker a chance to experience the effects of the different symbols first hand.  Neither art or math background is required.

It is notable that changes take place almost immediately.  We soon see that by opening to this language we are entering a realm of unlimited possibilities, and are, indeed, invoking the infinite.

Francene Hart is a nationally recognized Visionary Artist.   Her paintings have been exhibited in galleries, Whole Life Expos, and at conferences across the country and are widely published as book and magazine covers. She self published, Coloring Pages I – IV, BLESSINGS, A Journal of Gratitude, and SEEKING BALANCE, an Artist’s Journey into Sacred Geometry. These are currently out of print. Francene is the author and artist of the Sacred Geometry Oracle Deck published by Bear & Co. ISBN1-879181-73-8